1. boxer, raku, ceramic, sculpture
  2. Raku, Poodle, Dog
  3. Raku, Dog, dachshund
  4. boxer
  5. raku, bulldog, rubber duck
  6. German Shepherd, raku dog, raku sculpture
  7. schnauzer, schnauzer sculpture
  8. dog, raku, ceramic, dachshund, art
  9. Basset Hounds, dog, ceramic, raku, sculpture
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. Managing Director
  16. dog, english bulldog, ceramic dog
  17. Managing Director
  18. Managing Director

I'm Bored - Sold

Pick Up Pose 

Haught Dog and Base Ball - Sold

Mischievious Mind - Sold

It's Mine, All Mine - Sold

Trouble at the Station

What's Up Dog!

Dapper Dachshund

One Sold - One Available

Holy Terrier - Sold

That's Amore - Sold

Singing Along - Sold

Waiting for Treats - Sold

Waiting for Treats - Sold

Just Hangin Out 

After a Hard Day's Work - Sold

"Take it I Dare You"