I was fortunate to grow up in a creative family surrounded by art. As a student of art, I've worked in many mediums such as ink, colored pencil, watercolor, pastels and oils.  My arduous journey through these mediums was preparing me for sculpting which has been my passion since 2006.

I've heard artists say, "the (medium) speaks to me" and never understood what this meant until I started sculpting. I knew I'd found  my passion when the clay actually spoke to me! It's so strong that I'm compelled to sculpt daily and miss my studio if I'm away more than a few days.

These days I begin with an idea in mind but allow  the clay to decide the final outcome.   Sometimes it's a simple change in a pose but  occasionally the clay totally rejects my idea and moves me in another direction. It took several years of sculpting to reach the point where I can allow the clay to make decisions.

I sculpt with ceramic clay and most of my work is Raku fired. I love Raku because there is a point  where I must give up control and allow  fire and smoke to predict the final outcome.   But, sometimes a piece just screams "Bronze!" When that happens I head to the foundry.  It's just another way the clay speaks to me. 

When people see my work I want them to smile. The world is full of strife and my work is intended to bring people away from daily stresses and back to life's little joys. Often I've seen someone view one of my sculptures and smile, reminded of a simple moment, past or present, in their life. My pleasure comes from seeing their reaction from a brief smile to an open giggle.